farm65 entrance



A beautiful independent structure of approximately 450sqm, the result of an industrial recovery of the historic Binda paper mill, overlooking the Naviglio Pavese
in front of Leonardo's famous Conca Fallata.

Divided into 5 spaces:

  • Living Room: An entrance with a comfort area furnished with a sofa and armchairs
  • Master Class Room: A large Masterchef room with 13 super-equipped counters with small Kenwood appliances, Ballarini pots, Zwilling tools and knives, Microplanet graters
  • Ola Kitchen: A Pininfarina-designed "home" kitchen with a large island perfect for video and photo shooting
  • Mezzanine Fllor: A large mezzanine with a beautiful wooden floor, relaxation area and work tables, totally flexible and can be set up in various configurations
  • Outdoor: External front space, illuminated by strings of lights and set up as desired

Farm65 is illuminated by a beautiful natural light thanks to the very high ceilings and large windows that overlook the entire perimeter.

We rent Farm65 with various formulas that you can find here

Living Room

At the entrance, guests find a cozy sitting area where they can sit down and enter the "Farm65 mood" before an activity.

Ideal for checking in to an event, for guests to relax or to enjoy a good coffee.

Farm65-Living1 Farm65-Living2 Farm65-Living3

Master Class Room

The only masterchef-style area with 12 counters that can accommodate up to 5 participants and a place for the chef.

We hold our amateur courses here.

Ideal for parties, team building and product launches.

Farm65-MasterClass1 Farm65-MasterClass2 Farm65-MasterClass3 Farm65-MasterClass4 Farm65-MasterClass5 Farm65-MasterClass6

Ola Kitchen

"Homemade" cuisine with great design - ideal for small groups, for large buffets and for the aperitif that we offer to the participants in our activities.

Ideal for video and photo shooting, it was the background of several commercials, shots of bloggers and famous influencers.

Farm65-Ola1 Farm65-Ola2 Farm65-Ola3

Mezzanine Floor - Soppalco

Relaxation area or for meetings and presentations, our mezzanine can be set up as desired and serve the most varied functions.

Faqrm65-Mezzanine1 Faqrm65-Mezzanine2 Faqrm65-Mezzanine3