We plan every event with our customers.

A corporate event is a moment of sharing and aggregation that needs to be planned, cared for and executed in every detail.
To facilitate our customers, we first analyze the brief and the objective of their event and then we formulate a proposal.
We take care of all that is necessary, so that guests can concentrate on their activities.

Farm65 is the ideal place for your events. What we offer:
- 450 sqm of space with high beamed ceiling
- 4 areas with specific functionality, united in one large space: entrance and reception area, the island, the masterchef room and the mezzanine
- Hygiene and safety distances guaranteed
- A team of expert event organizers who can support your concept or help you create it, based on your needs
- A super vast network of chefs and talents from the F&B world that we can involved depending on your goal and budget

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