team building

The guests will be divided into 4 groups (brigades), each group will be in charge of the preparation of a dish which will be part of the buffet dinner.
At the end of the activity the chef will show 2 dishes (might be risotto and pasta) that will be served during the buffet dinner as well.
One of the 4 group will win and will be awarded. The chef them will judge their work with attention to (e.g.): Management and coordination / cleaning and organization / team leader/ taste / presentation…


People will be divided in 9 groups, each one will have a team leader. They’ll do “blind” activities. There will be two block of activities – the first one with food and second one with wine.
Food blind tasting - Blindfolded, each participant will be invited to touch, smell and taste to recognize which food has been proposed to him, so as to approach the world of food with the greatest focus and concentration possible. During the tasting process, the aromatic components, the peculiarities of taste and the potential uses of each element will be identified.
Wine “blind” tasting - The second part of the blind will instead be dedicated to the world of wine, and will not be blindfolded. The wine activities are characterized by moments of interaction during which the participants, divided into teams, compete to give the greatest number of correct answers. You can select one or more of the games listed below:
1. The common places of wine (multiple choice questionnaire)
2. Crucivino (wine themed crossword)
3. Game of aromas (recognition of wine aromas)
4. Blindfolded tasting of two wines with final questionnaire
5. Food-wine pairing (wine tasting to be combined with a selection of meats, cheeses and desserts)
It is played in teams of 5-8 people. Each game lasts about 10 minutes and allows you to accumulate points. The team that has accumulated the highest amount points in the proposed game will win. We recommend to give a prize to the winner.
While the teams play the games, a chef prepares a place dinner.

Farm65-mystery box activity

The third proposal is the Mystery Recipe, which is always fun. A “grocery market” with a range of ingredients is available.
Each group (about 5 people each) will pick up to 5 ingredients and will cook them according to a theme (in this case could be an international movie or song). The chef will help out the teams but he eventually judge their work.
 While the teams play the games, a chef prepares a place dinner.

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